Our "Wild Child" finally gets tamed. 

In March of 2018, we took in Colby, a 1-year old black male lab mix. He had been kept in a dirt yard, chained to a truck for most of his life. His only shelter through the pouring rain and relentless heat was under the truck. He went to foster and proved how wild he was by hurling himself off the sofa and on to the kids. He would mouth so hard it would draw blood. He was not socialized and was truly a wild man.


Colby spent a couple weeks in boarding after he was returned for being too mouthy and uncontrollable. This was when the decision was made to send him to doggie boot camp. We signed him up for a two-week board and train with David Michael Sanders of Zen K9 (zenK9.org). Colby learned quickly how to better interact with people and on David’s suggestion, we added on another week to his training. Colby made great progress with David. He went back to foster and was a much better dog, but still needed daily hands on training so he didn’t forget what he had learned.

We were fortunate to have a couple apply to adopt him who understood his needs for a structured life. They had experience training dogs. Colby now lives in Tucson with his lab sister and two wonderful pet parents. The cost of Colby to the rescue was $2,500.00. This included training, neuter, health check, shots and boarding. Without the training, Colby would have lingered in boarding for much longer than the 4 months he was with us. He would have been very difficult to adopt.  

The money you donate to ALGBR goes directly to help our rescues to help save lives and provide for much needed medical care. Each rescue receives a basic vet check, heartworm test, spay/neuter, microchip, 5 in 1 vaccination and Bordatella vaccination. Sometimes, they require additional expenses that go beyond the basic. This is where donations become crucial as we believe that cost should never have to be the deciding factor to save a life.


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"Without the training, Colby would have lingered in boarding..."

"His only shelter through the pouring rain and relentless heat was under the truck..."