Dear Friend,  

As we begin our fundraising drive for this year, I would like to share with you two rescue updates. Both rescues were featured in our 2015 fundraising letter. Kona 3 and Charlie 8 are wonderful rescues that were in need of special medical treatment which they both received. If a special adopter does not come forward to adopt a rescue with medical issues, they typically spend the remainder of their lives in our care. We do not euthanize our rescues with treatable illnesses because they deserve the best that we can offer them as their rescuers.


Kona 3 (known as Pepper) was beautiful three-year-old black lab/pointer mix. She was originally adopted from us as a puppy in 2012. She was returned in June of 2015 because her family said she was not getting enough attention and was having separation anxiety. Once in foster, we realized Pepper was incredibly disoriented and having a hard time navigating her surroundings. After multiple vet visits and tests, we finally had a diagnosis: multiple splenorenal shunts. Her body had created new blood vessels that bypassed her liver. With her blood not passing through the liver, the blood continued to circulate and built up toxins causing disorienting behavior. Without treatment this illness would cause seizures and an untimely death.

Pepper stayed with her wonderful foster family as a hospice foster until this past summer. In May, Pepper lost her fight and passed over the rainbow bridge. ALGBR and her foster family supported Pepper for almost two years. We could have euthanized her because of the costs involved, but why? She was able to live a good life with proper care and the love of her foster family.  

In May of 2015, 12 year old Charlie 8 lost his mom. She had been his mom for his entire life when she sadly passed away. His mom's family tried to care for Charlie, but they had young children and Charlie wasn't having it. The activity in the family was more than he could take. It was very difficult for the family to surrender him to us.

Charlie is now 14 years old and still with his fantastic foster family. He went to the vet last week, and for a dog his age, he is doing well. He takes on-going medication, is a little deaf and grumpy and wants his own way, but he's a happy boy. He will stay with his foster family until it's time for him to cross the rainbow bridge.

As a rescue, we could just put these dogs down and move on. If would be far less expensive. But we feel that every dog should get a chance at a wonderful life. Some we simply can't save because their illnesses are too severe and we don't want them to suffer. But many, like Pepper and Charlie, can live that life with the proper care and love. Because these dogs are never adopted, we don't have their adoption fees to offset our costs. They can be expensive over the long haul. We operate on donations and adoption fees only. Many of the dogs we take in require medical treatment costs that far exceed the adoption fee, so additional donations are required. We cannot help these dogs without our donors. Please take a moment to look at our donation page on our website, to choose the best donation option for you, or just mail your donation to the address above.

Thank you,
Jennifer Campos,
President, ALGBR

Charlie 8

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"...her foster family supported her for almost two years We could have euthanized her...but why?..."

"...we feel that every dog should get a chance at a wonderful life...we cannot help these dogs without our donors."

"We do not euthanize our rescues with treatable illnesses because they deserve the best that we can offer them..."

Kona with her foster mom.