Arizona Labrador & Giant Breed Rescue, Inc. is trying to rescue a beautiful senior yellow Labrador from Northern Nevada. 
Halo, a 9 year old yellow lab, was abandoned by the person who had her for most of her life. He was supposed to return for her, but never did and now won’t respond to calls. His wife, who was abandoned with Halo, ended up in the hospital. Unfortunately, she and her mother will now be moving out of state and there isn’t room for Halo in the truck. Other Lab Rescues don’t have room for her, or feel they are too far away. No one in her small town is interested in her. 
We have found a wonderful person who is willing to drive 24 hours round-trip to get Halo. With the cost of gas today, we can’t ask her to pay for this trip herself. We are in need of donations for the gas, and one or two nights in a motel depending on how the travel goes. 
Halo's Journey begins on July 9th. Please help us help Halo get to Arizona so she can find a new forever family. Every donation helps regardless of the amount. If all of our FB friends donated just $1, we would have more than enough.

Arizona Labrador & Giant Breed Rescue, Inc.

P.O. Box 26116

Phoenix, AZ 85068

(602) 307-5227