"Thank you for your interest in volunteer work for Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue, Inc. We hope to hear from you soon!"

Volunteers Wanted!


Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way.  You can help Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue, Inc. by volunteering! We have several ways you can volunteer to save Labradors and Giant Breed dogs.  And, we are always open to other suggestions on ways you might be able to help ALGBR!

Home Visits: An ALGBR home visit volunteer screens and visits every prospective adopting individual or family.  We want to make sure that each adopter’s home has certain required elements and that they will provide a safe, loving, life-long home for one of our rescues. This is a great position for couples!

Transports: Most of our dogs come from owner turn in situations. When these turn-in situations occur, we need to retrieve the dog and get him or her into the vets for care and then off to a foster family. We also need help taking dogs to prospective adopter’s homes and to and from vet appointments.

Foster Homes: This is our greatest need.  Foster homes allow us to put our rescues in a loving family environment that provides attention, care and most of all their hearts!  The more foster families we have, the more labs and giant breeds we can save!  An interview and home visit are required before a volunteer can foster. Read more about fostering HERE.

Fundraising: ALGBR relies on adoption fees & donations from the public.  We set up booths at various pet retail locations during adoption and rescue events, hold annual garage sales, participate in dog related activities, etc… These fundraising events are vital to saving our labs and giant breeds.

Adoption Events: Adoption days are arranged and put on by volunteers of ALGBR.  These events usually take place at a dog care facility. volunteers are needed to transport dogs to and from the event, handle dogs, answer questions from potential adopters and assist in adoption paperwork.


Administrative Help - Various admin duties as assigned

Home Visit Coordinator – Works with the Home Visit Manager to get home visits done for prospective adopters. Makes phone calls and some computer work required. Supervises Home Visit Volunteers. Excellent people skills required.

Volunteer Coordinator – Works with the Volunteer Manager to review volunteer applications. Contacts potential volunteers to discuss what their interests are. Arranges training for new volunteers. Some computer work required. Most of this job can be done from home. Excellent people skills required.

Newsletter Assistant – Works with the Newsletter Coordinator to produce our newsletter 6 times a year. Computer work required in the Constant Contact program (we can train you) and creative writing ability is helpful.

Foster Coordinator – Works with the Volunteer Coordinator when someone applies to be a foster. Works with the Intake Coordinator when a dog is in need of a foster. Supervises all of the foster homes. Position requires computer and telephone work and the ability to work well with all kinds people.

Foster Assistant – Helps the Foster Coordinator where needed.

Intake Coordinator – Works with the Intake Manager and Foster Coordinator to bring dogs into the rescue. Excellent people skills required. Ability to evaluate dogs  is helpful, but we can also train the right person.

Intake Assistants – Works with the Intake Coordinator to evaluate dogs for intake to the rescue. Computer work required and talking to people on the phone. Ability to evaluate dogs helpful.

Petfinder & Adopt-a-pet Coordinator – Entails getting all of our available dogs up on these adoption sites and maintaining the sites. Computer work required.

Adoption Coordinator – This position works with the Home Visit Volunteers and adopters to place dogs.  

Data Entry Person – This position varies depending on what needs to be done. Computer skills required.

Media Assistant – Works with the Media Coordinator on Facebook, Instagram and our Website.

Grant Writer - Must possess excellent grammar and have strong research skills.

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